Vendors,vendors, vendors!!!!!  22 of them right here at Holmberg Orchard!!!!! They are here until 4 today & just today.

There are also wagon rides to the PUMPKIN PATCH to pick the best pumpkin.  Pumpkins in every color you can imagine.  White & pink & blue & striped & tan & orange & green, just imagine what you can do with them!

We have Wild Rice Soup plus hot dogs & coneys, bbqs,  walking tacos, apple crisp & the BEST Caramel Apples you have ever eaten.  Mouth watering?  Hurry to Holmberg Orchard.  The Apple Core Lunch Stand is open until 5 on Sat. & Sun.


Check out the dip samples & apple butter samples in the store & then browse the gift shop.  Fun fall items to decorate for autumn.


  1. morgan engstrom says:

    Wondering if u need anymore vendors for the vendor weekend?

  2. What is your product?

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