It’s Apple Season 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to a new season here at Holmberg Orchard.  There are apples ready for you.

Zestar! is a great apple for eating, cooking and baking.  With its slightly zesty flavor the kids will love a couple tucked into their backpack.  (A baggie for the core is a good idea.)

Wealthy is an older Minnesota variety that is a great pie apple.

Summer Red, not very well known, is tart.  Great for baking and cooking.

Chestnut Crab apples are hard, crunchy and juicy o the sweet side.  They are not very pretty, but pack a great flavor punch.  A super apple for little hands or your pocket


  1. Romelle Pritchett says:

    “So sorry to learn that this will be your last year. We have been visiting your orchard since my grandchildren were in early elementary and before. The oldest is now 27 and I don’t think we’ve missed a year. Our favorite is the Honeycrisp and also the delicious caramel apples. I will be watching for news of those when they are at their peak. You will be missed, there’s no doubt of that!

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