We take special care to wash & bag the apples for you!
The dates below are our best estimate – Some of these varieties are in limited supply.

Please call our Juicy Apple Line at (507) 762-3131 for a message about our weekly apple specials or if you are planning to make a visit for a special variety!

Zestar!- Mid to late Aug

  • 1999 State Fair x MN 1961 from the University of Minnesota
  • Mid to late August
  • Excellent for eating fresh and cooking
  • Light, crisp and juicy
  • Excellent sweet to tart balance with a brown sugar overtone
  • High fruit quality and cold hardiness

Chestnut Crab – Early to mid Sept

  • 1946 open pollinated at Malinda, University of Minnesota
  • Early to mid September
  • Great for eating, especially for kids
  • It is a small, sweet, and crunchy apple
  • It has a thin skin that russets making it look tough
  • Texture is fine, crisp, and tender

Wealthy Mid – Sept to early Oct

  • 1869 open pollinated Cherry Crab from Excelsior Minnesota
  • Mid September to early October
  • Developed by Peter Gideon
  • The first apple in Minnesota of commercial qualities to survive out winters
  • Short to medium storage life
  • All uses, makes excellent pies
  • Great flavor and texture
  • Not widely grown in commercial orchards any longer

Red Baron – Mid Sept to early Oct

  • 1969 Golden Delicious x Daniels Red Duchess from the University of Minnesota
  • Mid September to Early October
  • Medium storage life
  • Good for eating, makes great pies, and all other uses
  • Usually needs less sugar when baked
  • Rarely gets red, mostly red striping over yellow
  • When at its peak it has an under the skin bumpiness

Courtland – Mid Sept to early Oct

  • 1915 Ben Davis x McIntosh from Cornell University in New York
  • Medium storage life
  • All uses are recommended for this apple
  • Beautiful when shined
  • Very white flesh, Fine grained, juicy, slightly tart and crisp

Honeycrisp – Mid Sept to early Oct

  • 1993 Honeygold x Macoun from the University of Minnesota
  • Mid September to early October
  • Explosively crisp, juicy, crunchy, leans towards the sweet side
  • Great for eating fresh, in salads, and baking
  • Our most popular apple
  • Caramel apples using Honeycrisp are fantastic!

Haralson – Late Sept to early Oct

  • 1923 open pollinated Malinda from the University of Minnesota
  • Late September to early October
  • Extra long storage life
  • Excellent for all uses
  • Makes wonderful pies
  • Tart, juicy, and very popular
  • Haralred is a bud sport of this apple.  It ripens a little earlier and is not quite as tart but has the same flavor

Snow Sweet- Late September to mid October

  • Sharon x Connell Red
  • Sweet with a slight tart taste
  • Firm and crisp fruit
  • Snow white flesh that is slow to oxidize
  • Great for slicing to dip because they don’t brown as fast
  • One and a half to two month storage life

Regent – Early to mid Oct

  • 1964 Daniels Red Duchess x Delicious from the University of Minnesota
  • Early to mid October
  • Very juicy and flavorful
  • Good storage life
  • Good for eating, salads, and baking

Connell Reds – Early to mid Oct

  • 1956 found in an orchard in Wisconsin in a Fireside block
  • Developed from there and named after the orchard owners (Connell)
  • Early to mid October
  • Basically an eating apple
  • Not real juicy, sweet, and will dehydrate well

Fireside – Early to mid Oct

  • 1943 test plot seedling of an unknown parentage from the University of Minnesota
  • Like the Connell Red
  • It is a very large and a sweet apple
  • They do not always get completely ripe

Keepsake – Late October

  • 1979 Minnesota 477 x Northern Spy from the University of Minnesota
  • Late October
  • Pick as late as you can but before a hard freeze
  • Keeps very well
  • Very hard apple whose flavor improves after at least a month of storage
  • Mild, sweet, and a small apple
  • Juicy with a yellow flesh
  • Good for eating and salads

SweeTango– Late Sept to early Oct

  • Minnesota’s newest apple
  • Zestar! x Honeycrisp
  • Only available to commercial growers
  • Sweet apple with a great crunch.
  • Uncertain about using in baking or cooking.

All of these varieties are great for eating!

Pick Your Own Pumpkins and squash – Every Weekend
Take a ride to the pumpkin and squash patch and pick the perfect Halloween pumpkin. Build your own scarecrow and enjoy face painting with Candy Kisses and Happy Face the clowns. Top off the day with a slice of
fresh-baked apple crisp and a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream.