Apple Storage Hints

Store the apples in the perforated plastic bags we provide.

Refrigerate apples until you use them.  Apples will dry out, soften, and lose their flavor if they are sitting out at room temperature.

Place damp paper towels in the bag with the apples.


  1. Can you post descriptions about each of your apple varieties? I would like to know more about the flavors, textures and what each variety is best used for! Also, do you have Swwet Tango apples? That is a new variety that I tried last year and it was delcious! Thank you! My family loves visiting your orchard every year!

  2. Thank you Kristin!
    Unfortunately this year we do not have the SweeTango variety due to the early season frost. We hope to have them next year!
    We just added details on most of the apple varieties on our Apples page at We look forward to seeing you at the Orchard!

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